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How to Improve Children's Behaviors with Parenting Skills for Children Having Attachment and Behavior Problems

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Information about MaryLynne

MaryLynne White has under graduate and Master’s degrees from Ohio State University Early Childhood Development. She brings over twelve years' experience working in the field of developmental disabilities. In this capacity she has served as a strong advocate for children and families meeting with schools and community agencies to get appropriate services for children. She’s highly knowledgeable of special education laws as well as Section 504 for children having disabilities.

has over sixteen years experience working as a parenting coach and counselor with children and their families. She has offered workshops and teaching modules to parent-teacher groups, parents, foster parents and professionals working with children having attachment problems and their families during the past fifteen years.

has extensive training and experience in working with difficult, high risk children who have been diagnosed with having reactive Attachment Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Bipolar, Attachment, Anxiety and Depression disorders. Many of the children she has worked with come from early childhood experiences of trauma, abuse and/or neglect. Through her work with these children, she recognized that many “traditional” parenting techniques don’t work very well; as a result, she has compiled a toolbox of training experiences that offer simpler ways to help parents see and change their children’s negative behaviors in powerful ways, thereby reducing feelings of anger, frustration and stress in the home environment.

MaryLynne has lived in the "trenches" with children having attachment problems for three years. She
worked as a professional live-in nanny during that time in a home with five children, ages 7 to 13 years of age. Four of those children were an adopted sibling group diagnosed with
attachment problems. MaryLynne worked with the parents, showing them how to deal more effectively with their children. She accomplished this by listening to the parents' concerns, observing the children's behaviors and then working with the parents to develop a plan for parenting. They felt more empowered and confident as parents of challenging children. Even today, three years later, the same parenting techniques are still being used with positive results
Her training in the attachment arena includes studying and working under well-known professionals such as Daniel Hughes, Ph.D., Holly van Gulden, and Bill Goble. She began her training with Deborah Hague and Nancy Thomas, learning all she could about children having attachment problems. She has since studied and practiced a different therapeutic parenting approach using Object Relations and brain chemistry as her focus. MaryLynne has research the intricate interplay of early childhood experiences, trauma and brain development, wanting to better understand why these children behave the way they do. She wrote an article about it that's listed in the Resource section of this site. Currently, MaryLynne works with parents as a team member in helping them see the bigger
picture, relating to their children in new ways, as they come to see the developmental lags their children may have due to earlier trauma and abuse and neglect.
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